Our mission

DVFormat’s mission is to help you choose better products faster. In the world where there’s so much supply, it can become daunting to choose what’s right for you or your family. DVFormat’s custom AI can find the best products on your request to help you narrow down your choice.

How we score

1. Market research

The first thing the AI does to form a list of the best products is market research. DVFormat AI checks stores that sell that product and searches for the best price-quality ratio, using multiple indicators, including online reviews.

2. Showing the best products

As the AI weighs all the businesses providing a specific product, it highlights the products that score best on multiple custom tests. When the algorithm is finished running, you get a list of top sellers.

3. Comparison

While the algorithm DVFormat uses is very advanced, we believe that the power to choose is in the hands of the consumer. This is why the list of top products you see is a comparison of the best products on the market. 

4. Advice

An AI can only do this much. Ultimately, we need a human to take a look at a product and evaluate it. This is why DVFormat employs top-ranking analysts who provide a piece of advice at the end of every comparison chart.